4 Pinterest 'Secrets' Every Local Business Needs to Know

So I have a confession...I'm addicted to Pinterest. This site has completely changed the way I personally find things to buy and gives me inspiration for my home, closet, business and life. In this episode of Crystal Media TV I share a few ways to turn online lookie loos into offline buckaroos using Pinterest (that's my new favorite saying by the way, and I don't care how dorky it is, I love it!)

It is really important that you watch today's episode because I have a bonus tip that will save you from losing lots of sales, if you're doing this one thing.

And this one thing, is a very common practice among the retailers I've talked to. This will be the first bonus tip (because I have not one but TWO bonus tips today!)

Leave a comment below letting me know if YOU use Pinterest to market your business, and include a link to your Pinterest Profile so we can connect :)

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