5 Social Media Cross-Pollination Tips

Have you ever felt like there’s more you could be doing with your social media accounts, but you’re not really sure what it is, or how much time or money it will take? There’s always something more we could be doing, right? I think this is especially true when it comes to social media marketing.

The 5 tips below are easy to do, won’t cost any extra money and is something you can start doing today. I call it social media cross-pollination and I think it is a critical component to social media success.

1. Promotion. One of the best ways to draw attention to a social media account is by promoting it on another social media account.

Example: Take a screen shot of your Pinterest profile; upload the photo to your Facebook page’s timeline and include text like, “On Pinterest? Us too! Let’s pin together! {Pinterest link}

2. Top Trends. To take the above tip a step further, find the content that is popular from your own Pinterest profile. These items will be the pins that have the most repins and/or likes. Take a screen shot of the top pin or board and post something like “Top Pinned Item of the Week {Pin link}” or “Check out our Pinterest board that’s filled with popular trends and fashionable finds for fall. {Pinterest board link}.”

If you’re new to Pinterest and still building your content and exposure, find top pins uploaded by others by clicking on ‘Popular’ in the top left search section. Next, scroll through pins to find something that has 100’s of repins that is a picture or video that relates to your type of business.

pinterest search popular

Example: If you’re a baby boutique, you might Repin this Potty Training Chart that has over 350 repins, take a screen pinterest screen 2shot of this image, add to Facebook and say, “We just found this helpful potty training chart on Pinterest. You can view it/print it/repin it here – {link to YOUR repin of the chart}.

3. Social Media Tabs. I’m assuming you use Facebook to market your business being that it is the largest social network with more than a billion users.  If you haven’t added social media tabs to your Facebook page, you’re missing an opportunity to cross-pollinate and provide additional content to your page.

To do this, the tool I use is woobox.com. I like WooBox because it’s extremely easy to use and the social media tabs (Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube) are free to add to your Facebook page. To add, just go to woobox.com and click on Marketing Apps. Then click on the app you want to add like Pinterest Tab or Instagram Tab. Scroll down until you see a green button that says, “Get Started for Free” and then be prompted to sync your Facebook account with WooBox.

After adding the appropriate social media tabs to your Facebook page, I suggest taking it a step further and adding a branded graphic to the thumbnail image. Here’s an example from Natural Life, notice their Email, Instagram and Twitter application thumbnails all match their brand.

natural life on facebook

If you don’t have a graphic designer to create these for you, I highly recommend PicMonkey.com to do it yourself.

4. Pin a Facebook post. You might have noticed that Facebook and Pinterest don’t really play nice in the sandbox. Unfortunately (but fortunately from a personal privacy standpoint) you cannot pin pictures from Facebook. However, you can use one of my favorite tools called ShotPin which is a Chrome browser extension to take screen shots easier and add them to Pinterest.

So, you can take a screen shot using ShotPin of a post on your Facebook page that got a lot of likes or comments, and add it to Pinterest saying something like, “Trending post on our Facebook page! Like us here {Facebook page link

5. Just Tweet It. Finally, for those of you who tweet, make sure each week you’re linking and promoting your other social media accounts. Make your tweets more enticing by sharing the type of content on your page, if something went viral, or maybe something like, “New Arrivals in this week. Check our Facebook Album to see what’s new {shortened link to Facebook photo album}.

Here’s your action item: cross-pollinate two social media accounts and then leave a comment on this blog post including the link to where you did this so I can check it out.

Here’s an example where I cross-pollinated Pinterest and YouTube, by pinning one of my Crystal Media TV episodes, ‘5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Social Media Pro.’