5 Tips for Including Your Social Media in Your Holiday Fun + FREE GIFT

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You've got a business to run, a ham to bake, and a pile of presents to wrap. The holiday season is tough for small business owners. But it's crucial to keep up with your social media so that you don't lose possible sales or engagement with customers. Here are 5 quick tips to help keep you connected during the holiday madness.

TIPS_edited1. Post at least 4 times a week. You need to show up to customers who are swirling through Facebook and Instagram, connecting with friends and family. The best types of posts now are gift ideas, new items, popular items, sale items and limited quantities -“get it before it’s gone!" ALWAYS include a photo or video. To save time during the hustle and bustle, schedule the 3+ posts ahead of time, so you know posts are going out.

2. Use Facebook Ads. Even though ad prices are a bit higher in Nov and Dec due to other marketers spending a lot of their budgets now, it’s important for indie business owners to take advantage of ads. Promote your posts about sales, events and products. The fastest way to promote is through Boosting, just be very targeted with your audience and advertise to just fans, and/or a custom audience group like your email list or website visitors.

3. Integrate email. This time of year we all get a lot of emails for big box retailers. Stay competitive by showing up in your customers' inboxes with emails highlighting events, new items, gift ideas, etc. Include photos of any products you’re promoting, and link to your website or Facebook photo album to showcase even more images. You can schedule emails so sit down one night this week, get at least two emails done and schedule over the next few weeks.

4. Ask people to tag. Tell people to tag their friends or families on the images they want for the holidays. This makes it easy for people to know what’s on their Facebook or Instagram friend’s Christmas list.

5. Ask people to share. By simply posting, “share with your friends,” “please share,” “share if you agree!” you increase the chance of your posts being shared. This works best on Facebook, but note that you cannot ask people to share a contest graphic to enter to win, this is against Facebook’s terms.

By adding social media to your holiday list, you help to set yourself up for success in the new year. Don't lose that momentum now!