5 Ways to Adapt to the New Facebook Changes

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful and busy holiday season. During all the hustle and bustle did you hear Facebook's announcement?

It's time to rethink our Facebook strategies and test different kinds of content in 2015. There's a good chance your promotional posts will not be seen unless you pay for it. 

In this episode of Crystal Media TV you'll learn 5 ways to adapt to these changes while still being effective with your Facebook marketing efforts.

A lot of retailers have asked me if it's still worth using Facebook to market and I strongly believe it is. Facebook is the largest social network and has a lot of great advertising tools for businesses. The key is knowing what works and how to leverage to support your business goals.

Here's an example of where to find Reach on your Facebook page.

reach example on crystal media facebook

I can't stress enough the importance of testing. Test to see what you do and do not get organic reach for, especially over the next few months. See what your audience is responding well to and keep doing that. This applies to all social media sites.

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I'm wishing you a VERY happy New Year and be on the look out for some exciting new announcements from us at Crystal Media in the coming weeks :)

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