The 5 Questions I Was Asked Most in May

I met SO many new retailers at events across the country in May, and I loved hearing all of their questions. These questions not only help customers market their businesses, but they help me and my team understand our retailers' needs and struggles.

I love sharing the questions that I'm asked, because if one retailer is confused about something, it's almost a sure bet that another retailer has the same question!

Here are the five questions I heard the most this May:

What’s the most relevant social media site right now, that you think we need to absolutely be marketing on?

The most relevant site for one retailer will be different for another, because it all depends on what sites your customers are using. If I were to pick just one, without doing any research on your business and your where your customers are, I’d pick Facebook because it’s the largest, and because of their targeting capabilities inside of their Ads Platform. Our Social Edge members are seeing the best results with Facebook, with Instagram being next. 


I have a Facebook page for my store, should I be on Instagram too?

Again, this depends on where your customers are. If your customers use Instagram, then heck yes you should be using it too. Do your research – send an email, ask in store, ask online, search for local hashtags and other local businesses to see how many posts and people you find, to see if it makes sense. 


How often should I post to my Facebook page?

 I recommend posting as often as you have quality content, with trying to do no less than twice a week and no more than twice a day. Don’t post to post, make it meaningful whether it’s helpful, inspiring, funny, engaging, showing new items, talks about events, gives tips, etc. You should a+

Always have a content marketing strategy, and plan out your posts so they connect with your perfect customer.


What should I look for when hiring someone to do my social media?

A lot of people say, “Hire a young person, they grew up with this technology and they know how to use it!” but I completely disagree. You want to first find someone that has the personality and understands your business, your audience, you and your goals. They can learn how to use social media effectively, I can teach them in Social Edge. But learning how to be self driven, motivated to create content in-store and online, excited to respond to questions and comments; that’s something you can’t teach. If you’re looking at getting an intern or someone with experience, typically people who have marketing, communications, journalism or PR experience can be a good fit because they most likely are good at writing copy and will be interested in promoting your business online. 


How do I live stream on Facebook with Facebook Live? 

Facebook Live is our future and one of the best ways to get organic (free!) exposure on Facebook! Watch this video to learn more about Facebook Live and watch this video to learn how to find Live on your phone.


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