7 Mobile Apps You Should Be Using

Crystal-Media-Infographic-7-mobile-apps for retailers At Crystal Media, we not only teach social media, we manage several retailer's accounts. We're CONSTANTLY on our phones updating Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, creating images and communicating with our clients via email, text and voice.

There are 1000's of mobile apps out there but here's a list of 7 that we use each week (if not every day) to save us time, help us be more efficient and one even helps us live a healthier life :)

Do YOU have an app suggestion - something you couldn't live without? Share it in a comment below.

Crystal-Media-Infographic-7-mobile-apps for retailers1. Wordswag. This app is currently only available for iOS (iPhones, iPads) but is the app we use every day. This app helps us create awesome graphics for Instagram, which we sometimes share to Facebook, Pinterest and emails too.

2. Facebook Pages Manager. This app is different than the general Facebook app, it's used specifically for the business pages you're an Admin of. In this app you can access all the Facebook Pages you're an Admin of, you can post to your page, create an event, access Insights (page analytics), respond to Messages in your business inbox, view page notifications, schedule posts and see new Likes.

3. Facebook Ads Manager. One of the newer apps on the list, with this application you can easily access your Facebook Ads from your mobile device and review results, edit an ad, create a new campaign (however you don't have access to ALL the types of ads you can run), view ad notifications and access Settings where you can add a Spending Limit, change Payment Methods, etc. With Ads being an important component to your Facebook strategy, this app will help save time and/or be a convenient way to create or view ads on the go.

4. Diptic. We use this application to help us easily create collages for Instagram and Facebook. If you're an active Instagram user, download Layout by Instagram, which was recently released and has a similar purpose as Diptic; which is to easily create collages.

5. Repost. If you ever see something on Instagram that you think your followers would enjoy, and you want to easily share it, use Repost. What I like about this app is it includes the user you're reposting from on the image, giving credit where credit is due.

6. Dropbox. This app is best if you need to share several images that you've taken from your phone/tablet to someone on staff (or anyone for that matter), or if someone is sending you images or a lot of documents. With Dropbox they can just upload images, documents, catalogs, etc. and you can access the items right from your mobile device, which is convenient if you're constantly on the go.

7. Fitbit. This has nothing to do with social media or running your business, but it is an app my team and I use daily, especially since we sit in front of computers for most of the day. This app tracks your steps, calories burned, miles walked/ran, sleep, water intake and more. What I personally love about this app, because I'm so competitive, is you can set up challenges with friends who have a Fitbit and compete against one another, pushing each other to be more active. Pretty cool, right?!

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