7 Ways To Be More Effective On Pinterest (plus a bonus tip!)

I'm curious, do you use Pinterest to market your store? Do you feel you're using it effectively, or is there more you could be doing? Or, maybe you haven't started using it yet but are considering launching a profile soon. As easy as Pinterest is to use (in my opinion it's one of the simplest social media sites), there's still a lot to know in order to follow best practices and to get the most out of your efforts. If you're looking for a hands-on, all-encompassing Pinterest training, click here or scroll to the bottom of the blog post to learn how to get access.

Here's 7 Ways To Be More Effective On Pinterest (plus a bonus tip!)

1. Pin content that encapsulates the kind of lifestyle that pairs well with your products. Just like any other social media site, you need to post content that is not always about you/your products. If you think about the kind of lifestyle your products pair well with, the type of lifestyle your customer has and pin that type of content, you'll have a much more engaging and interesting profile than just pins of your products. You need to pin content that relates to your audience, not just content that sells them.

2. Include a price in product pin descriptions. Pinterest is known for hosting shoppers. With an average order value of $169 compared to $95 for Facebook and $71 for Twitter; Pinterest is a site retailers cannot ignore. Studies show that when a price is included in the pin description it receives 36% more likes than those without a price, plus it helps the shopper shop by including price information. Make it easy on the shopper by providing all product information, especially the price.

3. Verify your website. Not only does verifying your website help build trust with the online consumer, it also allows you to receive analytics within your Pinterest profile to find out things like Pins/Pinners from your website, Repins/Repinners, Impressions, Reach, Clicks and Visitors.

To verify, first make sure you're using a business account for your store by going to business.pinterest.com and click on the blue 'Convert here' text. (Note: You don't HAVE to have a business account, but I suggest it if you're using Pinterest for business). Then, verify your website by adding (or having your web developer add) a file or tag onto your website. You can learn more about the verification process here.

4. Source Pins. This is a biggie so pay attention :) When you upload a picture or video from your computer to Pinterest, and hit that red Pin it button, the pin does not have a source meaning when someone clicks on the pin, they'll be taken to a larger image, but not to a website. If you're uploading anything that relates to your business like a product, display, store, staff, sale, etc., it should always take the viewer to your website. If it's a specific product or collection, the pin should take the viewer to that specific product or collections page.

To source a pin you've uploaded, go to the pin and hit the pencil icon in the lower right to edit. Then, copy the URL you want to take the viewer to within the Source section. If you're pinning directly from your website or blog, your pin will automatically be sourced.

5. Pin high quality, long images. Vertical images take up more space in the news feed, giving it more exposure. Use tools like Canva.com or Infogr.am to create long, engaging images. These can be things like product collages, top 5 lists (gift guides, trends for spring, hottest items, etc.), how-to's listing out steps, event collages or before and afters.

6. Ask questions in descriptions. Take the description a step further by asking the viewer things like, "What do you think?" "Love it or leave it?" "Do you agree?" Asking for the engagement will increase the likeness of someone responding and depending on the question/pin this could be a great way to crowd source, asking your network what kinds of things they want to see in your store. Plus, this is a great way to get pinners to engage with your brand which helps build and strengthen their relationship with you.

7. Be social by re-pinning others' content. Social media is not a one-way street, you need to participate in the conversation. Support other local businesses and people, your target audience (ex: moms, brides, homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, pet lovers, etc.) and influencers by re-pinning content that's appropriate to your business and boards. Plus, re-pinning content is a great way to get other pinners to follow you.

*Bonus Tip* Leverage other networks and channels to promote your profile. A frequently asked question I receive is, "how do I get more followers on Pinterest?" And one of the best ways to do so is by telling people you're on Pinterest. Promote your profile on:

  • Social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+
  • Email - send a dedicated email to get people to follow you, or email info about a Pinterest contest
  • Website - button to follow you or display specific boards and pins.
  • In-store signage
  • Packaging and shipping materials (mostly for eCommerce businesses)
  • Print - post cards in shopping bags or a local mailer

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