A Valentine’s Day Campaign Worth Falling In Love With

As a retailer, holidays are some of the most profitable times. As a marketer, one of these easiest ways to create a successful campaign is to learn from someone who has already created one. And, as an independent retailer, you often don’t have the time or resources to create an effective campaign. That’s why I wanted to highlight a Valentine’s Day campaign that I personally thought was smart. Even though this campaign was done by a big brand, independents can easily implement a campaign like this. The hardest part is planning – thinking ahead and getting something on the calendar. So, read this post and take 20 minutes to strategize what you’ll be promoting this lovely holiday. Then, put it on the calendar! Tell your staff, tell your networks, start promoting and share the love. And, don’t forget to incorporate ALL of your marketing channels – email, in-store, social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, blog), mobile (Instagram, texting), eCommerce/website, print, etc.


#FallingInLoveWith Luxury brand Michael Kors wanted to spark a dialogue with consumers about what they are falling in love with last Valentine’s Day, whether it is with people, places or apparel, on its social media networks and through email and mobile marketing. Their #FallingInLoveWith hashtag tapped into passion and emotive marketing while simultaneously advertising products. This is a great example of strengthening the relationship between you and your customer, and connecting on a deeper level.

Another main component of the campaign was the ‘10 Things Worth Falling in Love With’ emails, which were sent over the course of two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. The products and ideas featured in their emails were also displayed on their branded Instagram account. This is a great example of incorporating email with mobile and social media. Facebook posts and blog posts were also thrown into the marketing mix, with in-store displays helping to tie all the channels together.

pinterest falling in loveWithin just 24 hours conversions were pouring out on Twitter and Facebook. Today, their Pinterest board has more than 58,000 followers and they received a lot of media attention for such a simple and smart campaign.

Why I love this campaign:

It was fun. It was easy. It connected to customers in a personal way. It gave permission to market to their audiences more frequently. It incorporated several channels, creating a well rounded and more effective campaign.

Too often I see retailers promote, promote, promote. And I get it; you’re in the business of selling products which need to be promoted. But there’s other ways to do so, like the Michael Kors campaign, which is less all about you, the retailer, and more about your customers.

This season ask what your customers want this Valentine’s Day. Ask what they love. And don’t single out the single, as they can be a fantastic audience to show your love to this February by giving a special discount or gift. “Let us be your Valentine this year”, or “We have a gift for YOU, because you are who we love” messaging to make them feel special.

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