mADness: How Two Retailers Boosted Their Social Media Results with Facebook Ads

It seems like we never stop talking about Facebook Ads, right?

That's because they are such an important part of being successful on Facebook. But as much as we bring them up, you may be wondering, "What kind of results can I see if I improve my ad strategy?"

We've got two examples today from retailers we worked with 1-on-1. Though they are different from one another in both location and product selection, both were able to see great results from smart posts and videos promoted with Facebook Ads.


Skirt is a high-end women's clothing boutique in Bryn Mawr, near Philadelphia. 

Maureen, Skirt's owner, really wanted to promote a sale that the store was having, and she wanted to make sure that shoppers in her local area knew it was happening. We helped her create a Page Post Engagement Ad, the ad with a main objective to get users to engage - via sharing, liking, clicking or commenting - with the ad. We targeted her page's Lookalike Audience and people who like the brands she carries on Facebook and set the radius to 25 miles from the store.

For the ad image, we used a slideshow of the looks that were on sale in the store, and completed the ad with copy that said, "Shop our Spring Sale now! Tag a friend and save 30%-75% OFF!”

We had a $50 budget for this ad, which ran for 3 weeks.

How did the ad perform? The first two days of the promotion broke store sales records, and the ad engaged customers who had not been to the store for a while:

"I noticed an old customer had liked my video," Maureen said. "I hadn't seen her in a few years. She came in with her daughter later that same day and said that she was not a 'fan' of our page, but it showed up in her feed and she watched the video and had to come in. She spent $4,800!"


  • We ran an ad to Facebook users in a 25-mile radius of Skirt who already liked brands that they carry on Facebook
  • The ad ran for 3 weeks with a $50 budget
  • In just ONE transaction, the store covered their ads budget and made an additional $4,750



Coriander is a gift, jewelry, home and clothing store with locations in Guelph and Collingwood, Ontario. 

They were prepping for a big 12 Days of Christmas promotion and really wanted to get the word out. We suggested that they announce each deal the night before it premiered on Facebook Live. Each night before a new deal premiered, they would go live with their latest announcement, and promote that video with a Video View Ad to local users who had interests related to store products and brands. 

They had a $45 budget and ran for 12 days. 

In the end, the store had consistently good sales numbers throughout the promotional period. They sold out of several items and had customers calling or commenting on videos asking to put products aside for them to come in and get later. 


  • We ran a Video View Ad for Coriander's Facebook Live announcements
  • The ad ran for 12 days and had a $45 budget
  • The store ended up selling out of multiple items and had a record number of people asking to put products aside for them

What can these case studies tell you about your own ads strategy?

  • Ad success is attainable no matter your location or product selection
  • You don't need an outrageous budget in order to see results
  • Ads can revolutionize the way you sell online

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