Recycle, Reuse... Reduce the amount of time spent on social media

April means Earth Day! And some major buzzwords in relation to earth day are:  Reduce, reuse, and recycle. While all of these words can relate to social media in some way, today we are focused on reduce, with these three quick tips to reduce time spent on your social media strategy.

Have a social media happy hour

For yourself, at least. Once a month, pour yourself a glass of wine (or soda) and plan out social posts, including the creation of graphics. You can save even more time if you to make your graphics, as you can go back to previous designs and tweak them if you want all of your graphics to have a similar look. 

Save photos and videos to the cloud

Chances are, a lot of the photos you take of your store and at in-store events are on your cell phone. Using cloud storage apps like Dropbox or Google Drive means that you can upload your photos from your phone, and have instant access to them on your computer. Multiple users can also upload photos to many of these services, which means that it's easy to collect photos from employees. Read more about using photos in social media...

Do a survey

This may sound like more work, not less, but sending a survey out to your customers can help you be more efficient with your marketing. Ask them how they like to find out about sales and special offers, what time of day they are most often online, which social media sites they use most often, and more! By asking your customers directly how, when, and on what channels they would like to be contacted, you can cut tactics that don't work out of your strategy, saving you time and money.

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