Check Traffic Sources

Last week we covered website CTA's, did you set one up? Or, did you already have one? Leave a comment on my Facebook page with a link to your CTA, I'd love to check it out! Now that you have a CTA, we need to start driving more traffic to your website. One easy way to do so is by looking at where your current traffic is coming from and see if you have an opportunity to increase it from referral sources.

If you're using social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc., to market, and you're spending time or paying someone to spend time on these sites, you should find them as top referral sources to your website.

Do you know where your website traffic is coming from?

For this week's focus, add Google Analytics to your website if you haven't done so already. Click here to learn how to add. Next, check your traffic sources by clicking the 'Acquisition' tab and then click 'All Referrals' as well as 'Social'.

Social media sites should be listed as top sources if you're spending time and/or money to market on these platforms. If you don't see them as sources, here's a few common reasons why:

  • You haven't listed your web address on social media profiles
  • You're not consistently active and updating these outlets
  • You haven't published posts that include a link to your website whether it be a blog post, product page, collections page, etc.
  • You're not running ads through these platforms to drive traffic to your site
  • You're not listed on any directories
  • Other websites are not linking to you

Once you have a clear picture as to where your web traffic is or is not being referred from, you’ll be able to create strategies that focus on driving more traffic. Strategies like:

  • Each week we'll post two status updates that includes a link to our website
  • Every other week we'll upload photos to an album and each photo's description will include a link to our website
  • Every time we get new merchandise in, we'll upload pictures to Pinterest and source back to our website
  • Tweets about our store/staff/products will include a shortened link to our website
  • Each month we'll run a Facebook Ad with the objective of website clicks
  • By the end of the month we'll have added our website to local online directories like or
  • By the end of the month we'll have added our web address to all of our online profiles. (Use Moz Local to easily find all listings - here's how.)

If someone is managing your social media outlets for you, make sure they report the web traffic they're generating from social media. This is one way to monitor and measure their marketing efforts. Social Edge members, download the Tracking Template within the Content Library under 'Templates' and ask staff to fill out each week or each month.

For eCommerce retailers, you should take this a step further and check if sales are coming from social media outlets within the 'Conversions' section of Google Analytics.

Essentially this week's focus has a few parts:

  1. Add Google Analytics to your website
  2. Review where your traffic is coming from (specifically referral and social)
  3. eCommerce retailers review where sales are coming from
  4. Put strategies in place that focuses on driving more web traffic/more web conversions

If you have a question about Google Analytics or referral traffic, or about how to use social media to increase web traffic, please leave it in a comment below.