Create Timely Guides or Lists

Are you ready for this week’s focus?! Before we dive in, I just want to share a few retailers who had great success with last week’s focus, which was creating a poll. If you missed it, click here. You can check out their polls and the responses from this post or view the below images.

retailer social media postretailer social media post












This week’s focus is creating timely guides or lists.

Timely posts work well on social media because they’re relevant; it’s what’s happening now.

One way to stay relevant is by planning ahead. Take a look at the calendar and see what events and holidays are coming up. A few are:

  • Cinco de Mayo – May 5th
  • Mother’s Day – May 11th
  • Memorial Day – May 26th
  • (Social Edge members log in and download the '365 Things To Say On Social Media' calendar to find quirky holidays for every day).

A type of content that also works well on social media is a guide or list. Featuring things like popular items, new arrivals or gift guides is a great way to get people clicking, coming in and sharing (especially on Pinterest!).  The guide can be strictly product focused, a blend of product and other, or strictly helpful local information or general tips.

The type of guide you create will depend upon your store and your audience. Make sure all the content you post online relates to your perfect customer. Social Edge members log in and fill out the Customer Profiling Worksheet if you haven’t done so already.

If you combine the two and create a timely guide or list, you’ve got great content that’s helpful to your customers! Here are a few suggestions on timely guides for the next month:

  • 5 Best Margaritas/Mexican Food in {your local area}
  • Top 10 Gifts for Mom
  • 7 Things To Do On Memorial Day (make it relevant to your local area – picnics, lakes, hiking, local crawl, a parade, see a movie, come to your store, etc.)
  • 5 Things To Do in {your local area} this Summer
  • 3 Places That Are Dog Friendly in {your local area}
  • Our Summer Picks (featuring outfits, accessories or colors for the home)

Are you getting the hang of it?

Now it’s your turn. Pick one theme whether it be a holiday or time of year, and create a guide or a top 5/7/10 list.

As mentioned in last week, you can use to create the graphic, or use, selecting the Pinterest template for a long guide (best for Pinterest or a blog) or choose the Social Media template for Facebook or Instagram.

canva pinterest

Canva also features some great stock photography that costs only $1/image. For example, search ‘summer’ or ‘Mother’s Day’ or ‘Memorial Day’ in the top left search bar to see the images you have access to. Choose the image you like and drag it into the white blank space. You can also upload your own images. Social Edge members log in to gain access to '20 Websites to Find Stock Photography for your Blog, Website or Social Media.' A lot of the sites are free!

Final note: make sure your guide is branded by including your store logo and/or web address.

Please share a link to your guide on the Crystal Media Facebook page because I want to see what you create and what the response is. If you’re seeing great results, consider printing the guide and featuring it in store or send it to local media to get additional exposure.

If you found this tip helpful, please forward it to a retailer friend. If you refer a retailer to join Social Edge and they become a member, let us know because you’ll receive a $50 AMEX gift card. Learn more about Social Edge at

Here's a few examples of great guides or lists:

mothers day gift guide

hostess gift guide

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.25.09 PM

top 10 home decor hacks 2013

dos and donts for brides