Creating Mental White Space

I just created mental white space (because I need my mind for important things!) and I suggest you do it to. Here's how - -Take 15 mins and write down EVERYTHING that's on your mind. Work/personal/financial/everything

-Then go through your list and cross out the items that YOU cannot control. Things like the cost of something, if someone doesn't like you, or people's buying decisions (you can't make someone buy, but you can stay in front of them through marketing)

-Then go through your list a second time and cross off the things that are 'meh' - meaning they've been on your mind or list for a long time, but you don't feel passionate or excited to get them done, deal with them, they're just 'meh'.

This will free up space in your head so you can focus on the items that are left on your paper because these are important, and can be dealt with. This should make you feel a little lighter, and will give you a plan for today/this week.

Special thanks to Marie Forleo for this wonderful tip!