Introduction to Crystal's Favorite Things

**Crystal's Favorite Things is for member's only. Learn more about the Social Edge Retailer Membership Site here** I'm a big fan of Oprah. I'd love to have my own talk show one day which would be a blend of Oprah and Ellen; inspiring, emotional, enlightening and funny. We would also dance and sing karaoke.  It would be called...Crystal. Clever, right? :)

In fact, in 2010 I was moderating an online tech conference panel about social media in Chicago (Oprah's backyard) and after the session two women approached me and said I was such a good moderator that I should have my own talk show. They said I was better than Oprah! That's probably one of the most flattering things I've ever been told and hopefully one day that will become a reality. Oprah had a very popular annual segment called "Oprah's Favorite Things" where she featured products she LOVED and gave them all to her audience members. If you've ever watched one of these episodes you know how funny they are. These audience members get SO excited! I have to admit, I'd probably be crying/screaming/laughing too - I'd be hysterical.

Well I find often come across things that make me scream and I get so excited that I just want to share with the world. Because I'm a self-proclaimed tech dork, these things are typically websites, applications, or a case study of how a business used online tools in a brilliant, ridiculous way.  But what gets me most excited is when these tools are easy to use and affordable. I'm not a geek - I don't know how to code or design but I still need to market myself online just like most businesses. When I find tools that help me make it easy and are affordable, I will share with you.

This will be called Crystal's Favorite Things. At least twice a month I'll post my favorite things and how they work, how you can integrate them into your online marketing, costs, pictures, etc. Be sure to sign up for our email list because I'll list these favorite things there as well as here on our blog. If you ever come across a site or online tool that helped you save time, money, was super easy to use, was ridiculously cool - please share with me too.