Crystal Media Live Episode 5: Establishing Your Unique Selling Points

This episode is part of a four-part series on competing with big box stores called Giving Online Stores a Run for Their Money

Of all of the challenges that have popped up in the past few decades, few have given local retailers as many issues as online competitors. Buying online allows customers to get products to their doorsteps as quickly as in a few HOURS thanks to programs like Amazon Prime, while giving them the option to compare prices seamlessly.

How can the little guy compete?

We answer this question in a 4-part series called Giving Online Stores a Run for Their Money. In this episode, we cover experience, as in the experience your customer has when they shop with you. We help you figure out your unique selling point and why this is so crucial to competing with online sellers. Click below to watch the episode!

The other topics we will cover in this series include:

  • Events
  • Selling on Social
  • Selling on Your Own Website

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