How To Ruin Any Relationship, Especially One With Your Customers

I am so excited about this episode of Crystal Media TV, because it addresses a problem I see all the time when it comes to businesses using social media to market. And it's SO easy to stop doing, reverse and immediately start seeing an increase in results (like the example I mention below in this post). After watching this video, leave a comment below to let me know if you are guilty of doing this one thing.

In the future for all your marketing efforts, remember the idea of sitting down at the dinner table with your customer. What does that look like? How is it different than what you're doing today?

Remember, it's all about the conversation.

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Retail Example - not mentioned in the video: I did a Power Hour with a retailer about a year ago and I noticed she wasn't asking any questions on her Facebook page so we posted, "Yes or No: You've been to our store."

Within 10 minutes she had two comments, one said "No, I need to stop in" and the other said, "Yes! And I love it!"

This is a perfect example of having a conversation and with this specific example, she was able to remind someone to get their booty into her store, and she got a testimonial out of it - awesome!

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*Edit on the quote* Ghandi said "You must be the change you want to see in the world" - not "Ghndi" :)