Instagram is SHUTTING DOWN

APRIL FOOL'S! You can continue to use Instagram to market your business (and look up funny pictures of puppies).

Running your own business is no laughing matter... but sometimes you want to use a little bit of humor to catch customers' eyes.  But this can be tricky. What kind of humor will your customers respond to? How can you add humor without offending anyone?

Here are a few quick tips for adding some laughs to your marketing content!

  • Learn from example: Watch some G-rated comedians and talk show hosts and make notes on what gets a laugh
  • Write down some of the problems that your customers have. Can you poke fun at these issues (while offering a solution)?
  • Consider your customer demographics. Women in their 50's don't laugh at the same jokes as men in their 20's
  • Test it. Run an AB test of the same email, one with humor tossed in, the other very serious. See which performs better
  • Steer clear of traditional or overused jokes. Chances are, your customers have heard most of the knock-knock jokes you have up your sleeve
  • Use humor when you're trying to teach - customers will be more likely to learn if they find the content fun

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