Make Sharing Photos on Social a Snap

You’re a business owner. You know your products and services. You know your customers. You know that you need a marketing strategy in order to keep up with the competition. What you don’t know…Is how to pick the right Instagram filter!

Photography may not be your business, but it is a big part of making a business successful. Luckily, cell phones, apps, and easy-to-use editing tools make the process a lot more simple that you may realize. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when sharing photos on social media.

Make Sharing photos a Snap
Make Sharing photos a Snap

It’s All in the Filter

Filters are essentially collections of photo edits -- lighting, focus, coloring, etc. Instead of altering all of these elements on your own, a filter allows you to choose sets of edits to enhance your photo. You may not know it, but some Instagram filters work better with certain subjects than others. For instance:

  • Lo-Fi enhances vibrant colors. Great for shooting bold and bright colors in your store.
  • Kelvin adds warmth to a photo that may have turned out a little bit cold.
  • Sierra adds a cloudy, light effect to photos, which makes it perfect for scenes you want to give a dreamy look to.
  • Rise does a great job of hiding blemishes and imperfections, so it’s great for snaps of staff members.

Mashable has a great guide on using filters, but as long as you keep a few things in mind, you’re sure to succeed:

  • Make sure viewers can easily see the photo subject.
  • Make sure the crop is right for the photograph. (Hint:  Instagram now allows you to post photos of all shapes! Just pinch the photo and “zoom out” in order to use this feature.)
  • Don’t forget the caption! Once you’ve picked the right filter, hashtags can help users find your amazing photo!

Remember that pictures of products most likely won¹t have a filter because you want to showcase the colors of the product. However, the photo should have great lighting, be crisp/clear and, depending on the image, might need text on top of it and/or a blurred background to make the product pop.

Have the Right Tools

Tools can take a photo from bland to grand. Instagram has some great editing tools on its own, but if you ever need a little extra help amping up a particularly great photo (or adding text!), here are some great tool for “photographers” of all levels.


  • Paint (Resize/add text; Desktop)
  • Instagram (App)


  • Canva (Desktop)
  • PicMonkey (Desktop)
  • VSCO Cam (App)
  • Camera + (App)
  • Pic Collage (App)


  • Photoshop (Desktop)

Consider These Creative Twists

  • Do a flat lay of new products in-store.
  • Consider a DIY light reflector.
  • Step back and put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Would you engage with this photo?
  • REALLY go behind the scenes. Consider a shot from your perspective, like looking down onto your cash register or tablet.
  • Don’t forget that you don’t HAVE to use an Instagram filter. Sometimes a photo speaks for itself.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words! It’s time to feel confident about sharing your photos with your customers.