Make Sure Your Online Listings Are Correct And Consistent

I hope you had the chance to implement last week's focus, which was creating a guide or list around timely information like holidays, trends or top selling products. If you'd like to share your guide or list, please do so by leaving a comment below, or share it to the Crystal Media Facebook Instead of focusing on content for social media, in this post you'll learn how to help customers find you online and ensure they're finding the right information.

This week's focus is making sure you're online listings are correct and consistent. 

First, lets talk about why this is important. More and more consumers are going online to find local businesses to buy from. We turn to the almighty Google and type in things like, "furniture store in {city}," "gift shop in {city}," "pet supplies in {town}," etc.

The more that you and/or your employees get involved online, the chances of inaccurate information about your store is high.

I want to help you make sure your info is correct so the consumer who's searching for you can easily find you, your hours, website, phone number, etc. and of course come in and buy from you :) (formally known as is an easy to use tool that gives you information about your online listings like:

  • If your listings are complete meaning all necessary information has been added to online listing sites and social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Yahoo, City Search, and more.
  • If there are incomplete listings, Moz Local shows you which sites need to be finalized.
  • If your listings are inconsistent meaning information is not matching up from one site to the other.
  • If there are duplicate listings for your business.

Moz Local -

To use Moz Local click on 'Check My Listing Score' and then enter your store name, address and zip code.

moz local -

Next, choose your business listing. If you have multiple locations, you'll need to do this step for each location. In the below examples, I'm using a Social Edge member's location; Walk on Water.

 moz local -

Next, Moz Local will display your store's score based on the information found for your online listings.

moz local -

Go through each tab (Complete, Incomplete, Inconsistent, Duplicates). You can click on each site listed to be taken directly to your listing, in case you need to edit or delete.

Complete Listings Example:

moz local -

Incomplete Listings Example:

moz local -

Inconsistent Listings Example:

moz local -

Duplicate Listings Example:

moz local -

You can also scroll below the charts to see reviews posted about your business online, and from which sites they are coming from. Please note, not all reviews are displayed. To see reviews on all networks, click each individual network from Moz Local to be taken directly to your online listing to read reviews.

Reviews Example:

moz local -

You can access all of your listing information without creating an account on Moz Local, however if you'd like to have a more organized way of managing your online listings, you can join Moz Local and manage listings within their platform.

Dashboard Example

moz local -

Now it's your turn. Go to and search for your business location. Update and complete where necessary to help customer's easily find you online.

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