Never Boost A Post On Facebook

Many businesses are doing it and seeing results such as an increase in post reach and comments and likes on a specific post. But boosting a post on Facebook will waste money on eyeballs of people who simply will not buy from you. One key to success when advertising online is to be highly targeted. The more targeted you are, the more effective your ads will be and the less money you'll spend. For the independent and small businesses reading this, I bet you don't have a big-box budget. Let me help you save some money while increase your Facebook marketing results.

First, I want you to understand why I feel it is crucial to any business's success to use Facebook advertising to be successful on Facebook in 2014. Sure, there are things you can organically do like consistently post awesome, engaging content; but in order to see results that make a bigger impact, you've got to pay.

Last year Facebook announced that on average, only about 3-5% of your fans are organically seeing your posts. That means that if you have 1,000 Likes only about 30-50 of them are organically seeing your Facebook posts, if you are not paying to promote them. Only 3-5%!

This is why Facebook created the Boost button, to help your posts be seen by more people. However, it's not that targeted. You can see from the graphic below, you can target a post to your fans and their friends, or people who are in a certain age range, live within a certain city or state, and have certain interests.

boosting a post on Facebook


For a local business, this is targeted however you can get even more targeted. For an eCommerce business, this isn't very targeted because once you remove the Location component to the boost, this specific example would reach 24 million people, which is WAY too broad of an audience and to reach them all you would need to spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can see the importance of advertising a post since only 3-5% of likes will organically see them. And since I don't suggest Boosting, what's a business owner to do?!

The easiest way is to Promote Posts using the Facebook Ads Manager by going to and clicking 'Create an Ad' then select 'Page Post Engagement'.

promoting a facebook postAfter selecting the post you want to promote (you can also promote your most recent post, which automatically promotes posts for you so you don't always have to go to and set up), you can see from the below image that there are a lot more targeting options than Boosting. In addition to being able to target people who live in a certain state or city, fall in a specific age range and have certain interests, you can also target people who Like other pages (ex: your competitor's page!), only your current likes (these are your hot leads) or people who don't like you, yet; and Facebook has even more categories like their Family Status (if they're a Baby Boomer, Engaged, etc.), if they're married, job type, political preference and more.

Facebook Ads Targeting


In the above image I entered 'Wiens Family Cellar' in the Interests section. That means I would be advertising to the people who like Wiens, which is a winery in Temecula, CA which is where I live. So if I owned a gift store with wine gifts in Temecula, the people who like Wiens that are local would be a great audience for me to get in front of, and is what the above ad example is showing.

Do you see how much more targeted you can get? And how much less you'll spend? In my opinion, it is completely worth the extra steps to go to to set up versus justing hitting Boost.

You can also use the Power Editor which is a Facebook advertising tool a lot of big brands and agencies use (it's truly not that difficult to use, you just need to be walked through how to use it). Within Power Editor, you can upload your current email list or advertise to people who have been to your website before - talk about being SUPER TARGETED!!!

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Here's a look of what's included in this month's training:

Video 1: Why Do I Need To Use Facebook Ads? Video 2: Before You Start Advertising Video 3: Facebook Ad Types Video 4: Never Boost a Post Video 5: Power Editor vs Facebook Ads Video 6: Facebook Ad Manager Tutorial Video 7 & 8: Power Editor Tutorial Video 9: Facebook Ad Best Practices Video 10: Measuring and Tracking

If you have ran a Facebook Ad and want to share your success or challenges, please do so in a comment below.