Tip of the Week: Find your customers

Not every social media platform is right for every business. While it’s great to reach out to customers on as many channels as possible and be where they are at all times, having a presence on a site where you aren’t being seen by the right audience is a waste of your precious time. Do some research to find out where your customers are – and where they are not. A few ways to search: For Twitter, use http://twellow.com and enter your city/town – if there are a lot of Tweeps in the search results, this would be a good tool for you.

For Pinterest, search for your city/town in the search bar and look at the pins and boards that display. If there is a lot of activity/conversations around your area, Pinterest will be a great place. If you sell online, you need to be using Pinterest to market.

For Facebook, read this Tip of the Week