3 Ways to Get Unstuck When Trying to Write Posts for Your Social Media

It changes day by day. Sometimes, you feel inspired, motivated, and witty as you sit down to promote your store online. Other days… not so much. One of the hardest parts of developing a social media strategy is coming up with something to say, especially when you don’t have a specific sale, promotion, or offer to focus on. But allowing yourself to think outside of the box when it comes to your posts can help you come up with ideas that really engaged your customers.

Here are three ways to get unstuck when you’re writing social media posts:

  1. Make them customer-themed. Post recent in-store questions, conversations or popular items. It’s amazing how much social media content you can create based on conversations, questions, and feedback from customers. And don’t forget:  Customers can also be the focus of photos and videos.
  2. Make them timely. What’s been going on and what’s coming up in the next two weeks? This may be a holiday, local event, or a mainstream topic like a new movie or book. Often, retailers are afraid to venture away from their industry when creating social media posts. But remember that your customers are well-rounded individuals who have a life outside of your store. Chatting about your favorite TV show or sharing a local event you will be attending makes you more approachable to your customers!
  3. Focus on what’s trending. Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all have “trending” sections. These can make for great conversation starters or you might find some trends worth sharing. Not only are you more likely to engage current customers with timely information, but you’re also more likely to catch the eye of new customers!
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Do you have any special tricks for getting yourself out of a social media slump? Let us know in the comments below!