What I Learned From 1980's Music Videos

The 80's sure were memorable, right?! I think of big (and high) side ponytails, yellow and pink leotards and strange, yet awesome, music videos. I had a lot of fun making this episode of Crystal Media TV because if you know me, you know I love to dance. But in all seriousness, it's an extremely crowded marketplace out there. Not only are you competing with the store down the street, but also with online stores that can ship today for free and can typically give the consumer a lower price. All the customer has to do is fire up their computer in the comfort of their home and start shopping. But what fun is that?!

Check out what I learned from 1980's music videos and then read below for an exercise to do for your store. I suggest getting your staff involved too as I'm sure they have some awesome ideas.

I challenge you to look at your own business and write down what makes you different than the competition. You don't have to stand out in a bizarre way like a 1980's music video however, there should be at least something about your business that is unique.

If you don't have anything that stands out and makes you 'rememorable' or different or better, then do this now: grab a piece of paper and pen and go to a place you find creative inspiration from. Maybe it's in your store, or in a park, at the beach, hiking a trail, meditating at home, at the gym, etc. Where ever that place is for you, go there and start looking at your business and brainstorm ways to stand out.

***It's important you take time to do this. Don't let other things get in the way. Schedule it on your calendar and take the  time to think about how you stand out, or brainstorm new ideas to implement. 

You might shine brighter than the competition through outstanding customer service, merchandising, unique products, fun games, providing karaoke or happy hour, fashion shows, arts and crafts nights, design or fashion experts on staff, chair massages, a store mascot, etc. What is going to:

  1. Get people in the door
  2. Get them to talk about you to their friends
  3. Get them to post about you on social media sites and review platforms
  4. Get them to come back!

I would love it if you left a comment on this post about what makes you different from the competition - how do you stand out! Also if you feel like it, in your comment let me know what YOUR favorite 80's music video is :)