What The Heck Is A #Hashtag?

You might have heard the news last week that hashtags (finally) work on Facebook and are clickable, allowing the user to see a feed of what other people and Pages are saying based on the hashtag used in a post. Hashtags became popular by Twitter and since hashtags are used on several other social networking sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Google+ and Instagram. But you might be wondering how you should use them for your business? And when? For what? Or maybe we need to take a step back and talk about what the heck a hashtag is.

So, watch this video to learn what a hashtag is and ways you might use them for your business. Then try using a hashtag in your next status update to understand how they work and what kind of info you can find by clicking on someone else's hashtag. You can also Click to Tweet here and automatically use a hashtag in a Tweet.

Leave a comment below with the link to your Facebook post, Tweet or Pinterest Pin that features a hashtag.

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