What's New In Social Media?

Social media changes so quickly, sometimes you may not notice the changes until long after they are implemented. Luckily, the team at Crystal Media works hard to keep up and save you a lot of research time! Here are the latest changes on social media that you need to know about:

Ads Manager is All New

If you've been using the Facebook Ads platform recently, you may have noticed some changes. What do you think of them? For those of you who haven't had a peek at the changes, you'll need to switch over by September 8th, as Facebook will no longer be supporting the old platform. The reason for these changes is to display the data about your ads in the same place where you create and edit ads.

To help with the transition, we will be having a live webinar for Social Edge members that will cover the new ads and reporting.  Sign up now to reserve your spot!

A few notes on the new Ads Manager:

  • "Reports" link is gone as now the entire Ads Manager is a Custom Ad Report.
  • More customized reporting data is now available.
  • Top navigation now features how much you spent in the past 7 days and links to Manage Ads, Account Settings (which is where you can add Admins to your Ads Account), Billing, Power Editor and Tools.
  • Within Tools, you'll have access to things that lived in the left sidebar like Audiences, Audience Insights, Conversion Tracking, Pages, Image Library, App Ads Helper (new) and Advertiser Support.
  • In the top right you'll find a drop down menu titled "Filters". This is an extremely helpful way of filtering your campaigns and ads based on things like Delivery (active, scheduled, pending review, not approved, inactive, not delivering, deleted), Objective (type of ad - ex: Page Post Engagement, Page Likes, Clicks to Website, etc.) and Metrics (like cost per result, lifetime spent, CPA (cost per action), CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), frequency, impressions, reach, results).

Hootsuite Now Posts to Instagram

Instagram lovers, we've got great news. You can now "schedule" your Instagram posts through Hootsuite. But there is a catch. You can put together your post and schedule it, but you're not actually scheduling the photo to post to Instagram. You're scheduling a reminder to post, which means that it is still your job to press "post."

However, using Hootsuite for Instagram will still save you valuable time in your marketing every week! Learn more here.

Notes Are Making a Comeback

Facebook has completely revamped its Notes feature, making it more visually pleasing to compete with today's popular blogging platforms. Facebook is hoping that users will begin to use Notes as an easy way to share long-form content with customers.

For those of you who find blogging to be daunting or confusing, Notes may be the perfect way for you to dive into the habit using a platform you're already familiar with! The feature is still being rolled out, so not everyone has access yet, but you can get a sneak peek here.

Via AdWeek.
Via AdWeek.

Post Reach Looks a Little Different

The way your post reach (both free/organic and paid) is displayed looks a little bit different to page admins. But you're still getting the statistics you need. We figured we would show rather than tell:

Questions about the latest updates? Just ask, we're happy to help!