Not Getting Results? It May Be Your Branding

Branding. It’s a major buzzword that can have a pretty broad meaning. Essentially, your brand is a culmination of the words, sentences, images, logos, and names you use to describe your business. The key to a good brand is consistency, and building a good brand is exactly what we’re talking about in the latest episode of Crystal Media TV! Read about our own branding changes below this video.

We recently made some upgrades to our own branding by choosing a consistent username for all of our social media platforms. It can be difficult to have a consistent username because what may be an available username on one social media platform may not be available on another. We ran into this issue with Crystal Media, and were left with @madametwit on Twitter, @crystalmediamarketing on Facebook, @c_vilkaitis on Pinterest, and @crystalmedia on Instagram. This made it more difficult for other users to find us, as they asked themselves:

“What was their username again?”

Because @crystalmedia was only available on Instagram, we chose a username that we would be able to use on ALL of our networks. How do you know what’s available? You can do this manually by trying out your username on each site, but it’s MUCH easier to use Namechk. Namechk checks all of the major (and many of the minor) social media sites, as well as registered domains, to show you what is currently open for grabs.

In the end, we chose @heycrystalmedia as our username, and it’s easier than ever to find us online!

There are always small tweaks that you can make to build a stronger brand and make a stronger connection with your customers!