Crystal Vilkaitis, Retail Social Media teacher.

Most retailers are pros at running a business, but they struggle with social media. Most social media experts can quiz you on Facebook, but they’re lost when it comes to retail.

Crystal Vilkaitis is the best of both worlds.

Crystal is the go-to source for social media marketing in the retail industry, having spoken to thousands of retailers on making the most of their social presence, email marketing, and mobile marketing tactics. Crystal has been in the social media industry for nearly a decade, and has taken her educational seminars across the globe, most recently speaking to retailers in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

“I can see how passionate you are about what you do in the way you present yourself and how easy you make learning the information you’re presenting. Thank you!” – Debbie, Store Owner

Crystal earned her bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing in 2007 at the age of 20, beginning her career at an online marketing agency. With social media still in its infancy, she learned by trial and error how to increase exposure and reach key influencers.

After six months, her work paid off when she received more than 70 press pickups via social media, including Entrepreneur Magazine and USA Today, while conventional PR tactics only earned four mentions for the company. Out of 30,000 participants in Fast Company’s Most Influential Person Online campaign, Crystal finished in the top 2%… ahead of Shaquille O’Neal!


  • 70 press pickups in six months, including Entrepreneur Magazine and USA Today
  • Top 2% of 30,000 participants in Fast Company's Most Influential Person Online Campaign
  • In six days of managing a retailer's Facebook and Instagram the store received its highest sales in its 13-year history
  • Published Author
  • International Speaker

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In 2010, Crystal attended her first retail industry conference through the Gift and Home Trade Association. While traveling the country as the Director of Social Media for SaaS email marketing company SnapRetail, Crystal saw how much retailers were struggling to manage their online presence while managing their stores. She knew she had some hard but rewarding work ahead of her.

In 2012, Crystal created Crystal Media, a consulting company and launched an educational retailer membership site called Social Edge, which now serves more than 300 retailers. She wanted to alleviate indie retailer’s frustrations and confusion of online marketing through an enjoyable and fun experience; giving them practical and proven strategies that work – that increase exposure, traffic and sales. She has created a community of passionate, smart and hard-working retailers who invest in themselves and in their business, who understand they need to adapt to stay competitive. Crystal has built a team based in Southern California and Pittsburgh who help retailers stand out online through Get Listed and grow their Facebook presence through Facebook Ads Management. Click here to learn more about our team...

Crystal lives in San Diego with her boyfriend Dustin and dog (slash office manager), Bruiser! To contact Crystal please email [email protected]

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